pet waste removal

Pet Waste Removal

Pet Waste infects children and adults with disease-causing bacteria and parasites.

It also spreads diseases between pets. When dog poop is not disposed of properly, not only does water quality and pet health suffer, but our health may be at risk too.

Pets and children who play in yards or in parks where pets defecate are most at risk for infection from disease-causing bacteria and parasites found in pet waste.

Here are some diseases that can be passed from pet waste to humans:

Campylobacteriosis – a bacterial infection carried by dogs and cats that frequently causes diarrhea in humans.

Salmonella – the most common bacterial infection transmitted to humans by other animals.

Toxocariasis – roundworms usually transmitted from dogs to humans.

Toxoplasmosis – a parasite carried by cats that can cause birth defects if a woman becomes infected during pregnancy.


Fido Poop Patrol  stands behind their pet waste removal service.


One Month Free Offer – Miami Only

Our weekly service costs from $13.00, but we’re offering a whole month of FREE service to you because we want you to see the benefits of our service for yourself. The only thing we ask is that you commit to 4 months – there are no contracts and no other strings.

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In addition to the FREE Month, we also will not charge for any first-time clean-ups($45.00 value) to get the service started, so that element is FREE also – we will only charge the regular weekly (or every other week) rate for your first visit.

The Free Month is the fourth one, so you will be charged for the first three months in advance each month, there is no charge for the fourth month which satisfies the 4 month commitment.  The service then continues until you cancel.Simple right?

Our Pet Waste Removal service is a 100% Poop Free satisfaction guarantee.*

If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your service for any reason, just give us a call and we will send our technicians out to re-clean your yard immediately, for free.

We understand the environmental problems caused by pet waste not to mention the unsightly, foul-smelling nature and overall nuisance it creates for pet owners and property owners.

As pet owners ourselves, we also know the considerable burden created by having to maintain the yard free from waste and the amount of time required to manage pets.

No matter what type of dogs you have on your property, let Fido Poop Patrol Pet Waste Removal Service do the dirty  work of maintaining your home or business free from unwanted and unhealthy pet waste.

Fido Poop Patrol is your pooper scooper, that not only gives you a cleaner-looking yard, but will creates a safer and more enjoyable lawn for families and pets.


Let us clean up your dog poop and make your lawn a fun, clean and safe place to be.

We provide personalized and affordable poop-scooping services
Our scooping tools are carefully disinfected between every job to eliminate the possibility of spreading diseases
We offer a 5% discount for Senior Citizens 65 plus, Active Military Personnel and Registered Service Dogs.
We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and are committed to being the best in the business.
If you are ever dissatisfied with the quality of your service, just give us a call and we will send a crew member to fix the problem.

We offer a large list of services and service plans other than dog poop cleanup that let you customize what is right for you and your dog.

Our Poop Scooping  or  Poop Cleanup is Available Year Round.